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Dogontravel Mali - Mamadou A Traoré

My name is A. Mamadou Traoré, known as “Magnifique” or “Madou”. I was born in the Dogon country. My love of Mali pushed me to pass on my knowledge about my country and my culture to all travellers who are interested in Africa. I am a young Malian, who lives in the heart of Dogon country in Bandiagara. I would like to participate in the development of my country, and I want to help the people of the Dogon plateau by means of a tourism that is respecting our traditions. As an experienced guide I can not only conduct you through the Dogon country and show to you the historical sites in Sangha, Banani, Tirelli, Nombori, Ennde and other places, but also other regions of Mali. Depending on your desire and plans, we start the tour in Bamako, where I can pick you from the airport, or from Mopti / Sévaré or from wherever you wish. Of special interest is also Djenne, with it’s beautiful mosque, the Niger delta, which we can explore by pinnace (traditional wooden boat), or Timbuktu, the legendary city of ancient times situated on the edge of the Sahara. Take time to view the picture galerie and have a look at my recommended tours .
Impressions eines Dogon Dorfes
Dogon Village
Village Bozo, vue de la pinasse
Bozo Village
Port Mopti
Mopti Habour
Djenne, Große Moschee

At The Market
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