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Dogontravel Mali - Mamadou A Traoré

About Me - Briefly!

I′m a young Malian, living in the heart of Dogon Country, in Bandiagara Born in Bandiagara on April 9th 1984, as the eldest of eight children of a big family, I grew up in the family of my uncle Elhadj Nouh Sani Ouloguem who brought me up. My Grandfather was a famous marabou (religious man), conserving heritage that stays in the family and is transmitted from father to son.

After starting my koran studies as my uncle wanted, I joined modern school at the age of seven. I passed successfully the different classes from the first grade to the ninth grade, so I got my D E F certificate after which I attended the high school.

That was also the time I became fond of Tourism. My School was close to the touristic roads leading to the sights of Dogon Country and so I got used to escaping from school to be in contact with the tourists by saying "Morning Sir", "Morning Miss", "give me some sweet", "give me a pen", "give me a gift"... like any Malian child who has grown up in a touristic place. One day, there was a group of tourists standing near my school who asked me to accompany them and help them discover the Dogon Country. Willing to help and to be acquainted with people coming from another horizon, I decided to accept. After this very enriching experience, I started to listen to courses at school only by one ear. Since I had no difficulties at school I decided to continue my studies for a while, as my parents wished. Even though in my heart I had already chosen tourism to become my profession.

Here you can read more about myEducation.

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